Entry 047

Posted in Deliverable, Project progress by grantgold on April 18, 2010

I distributed somewhere between 450-500 manuals this weekend (very hard to do I learned). The video is finished and online, available on the website and youtube. I sent out an email to over 30 blogs and local papers and/or magazines. Also, I’ve been shamelessly self-promoting with friends and coworkers. This week I am distributing the other 500 or so manuals, doing more video and website spreading online, and starting Thursday I will be distributing stickers and placing them everywhere.

There’s been a pretty good reaction on the street and in the subways handing them out, a lot of people stop to read and talk to me about it or else at least smile at the title and say something like, “we’ve needed this forever.” Hopefully this will continue through the week, I’m going to start doing more leave behinds just in the trains without handing them out.

Watch Video

Download Tickets


Entry 046

Posted in Deliverable, Project progress by grantgold on April 13, 2010

Tickets are available for printing and distributing on the website, get some tickets and spread them to friends!


Entry 045

Posted in Project progress by grantgold on April 8, 2010

Still working on the tickets, here is an updated version, though not complete. Also, working on a poster/decorative to send along with my press release (-thingy) that kind of mimics the tickets in some way. Those two things along with posters and the tickets will be finished by next wednesday.

I’m getting 1000 manuals in late next week from the printer, and will be distributing those next weekend. Stickers will be arriving that week as well. I got some kind of promo offer for $50 of free google advertising and will be taking advantage of that (scheduled to run the week I handout manuals). I have begun spreading the website to friends and their friends in order to get a decent amount of violations up so that public eyes will not be remiss. Thanks to those of you who have filed a report, please continue and tell your friends about the website, even putting it up on facebook would be cool… just something to generate some clicks.


Entry 044

Posted in Deliverable, Project progress by grantgold on April 7, 2010

Illustrations are in, I will be coloring them today and tomorrow, manuals will be sent off to print this weekend.

Entry 043

Posted in Deliverable, Project progress by grantgold on April 6, 2010

The Manual for the wonderful Cement Walkway is finally HERE!! Click to see the manual, and start filing some reports.

Entry 042

Posted in Project progress by grantgold on April 3, 2010


If you want, you can print these and pass them out. I will be including these inside the manual for people to tear out and pass around to friends, or hopefully to actually give out.

Entry 041

Posted in 1 by grantgold on April 1, 2010

Website is LIVE!

check it out and report some violations!

Entry 040

Posted in Project progress by grantgold on March 29, 2010

Guys, I have hit a block and need some feedback on the manual to find a new way to see it. Please download the manual here and let me know what you like, don’t like, etc. Keep in mind that the illustrations will change (these are only samples) also the cover is temporary as well.

Also, these are the final rules, only wording will be changed. PLEASE take pictures of offenders and save them on your computer with a story, the website should be ready to take reports at the end of this week, and I really need your help getting these. Sarah is the only one who has done one so far, and I would like to get at least 5-10 from each of you, it is very easy to do and if you’re worried about someone seeing you, they will almost certainly not realize you are taking a picture of them.

Thank you.

Entry 039

Posted in Project progress by grantgold on March 25, 2010

The Logo is finished, complete with illustration and shading (stickers have been ordered). I also spent most of the day getting most of the website up-to-date with the new styles. For the next week while I’m waiting on the rest of the illustrations I will be working on tickets, posters, the video and tweaking the manual.

Entry 038

Posted in Project progress by grantgold on March 20, 2010

Website touch-ups,  possible new look.